Purchasing Mexican Auto Insurance

It’s time to purchase Mexican Auto Insurance, and we can help. To start, let’s take a look at your options.

Southbound Mexican Auto Insurance

Southbound Mexican Auto Insurance is required by law in all states in Mexico. A tourist for our purposes is

  • Drivers License issued outside of Mexico
  • Operating a Vehicle registered outside of Mexico

It is required for a tourist to show proof of financial responsibility as a tourist. Therefore you have two options:

  • Post a million dollar bond at the bank and self-insure
  • Purchase Mexican insurance through a broker in the United States

The broker has these options available to you:

  • Drivers License Liability Mexican Insurance
  • Mexican Liability or Complete Coverage Insurance

Tourist Drivers License Mexican Insurance

Drivers License Liability insurance will provide liability coverage to you for any damage you cause while in Mexico. This policy will NOT cover your car but will cover your action in up to 3 listed vehicles. The Drivers License policy satisfies legal requirements for tourists driving in Mexico.

Standard Mexican Auto Insurance for Mexico

The standard Mexican Auto Insurance policy will allow you to choose coverage limits and term on one vehicle. You can purchase this policy by Day, Month, Semi-Annual or Annual terms. There is a choice of Liability Only or Complete Coverage with Roadside Assistance for a better package of protection.

Complete Coverage: RIsks 1-5 Total Theft, Uninsured Motorist, Collision, Liability, Roadside Assistance, and Legal Aid.

Liability Only: Third party liability ONLY – the damage you cause to the third party – NOTHING FOR YOUR car or Your Injuries.

If you are cost-conscious, you can check the Qualitas version of Mexican Insurance.

Northbound Mexican Insurance

Northbound Mexican Insurance will provide liability for clients who need to drive to the United States. This coverage can be purchased for short or long term.