Is Your Personal Property Covered by Mexican Insurance Policy?

Is Your Personal Property Covered by Mexican Insurance Policy?

Personal Property Mexican Insurance: what is Covered?

Personal Property In Mexico
Personal Property is NOT Covered Under the Mexican Insurance Policy

When driving to Mexico, one of the first things that you need to sort out is your auto insurance. As with most jurisdictions all over the world, all vehicles operating in Mexico must have auto insurance. While Canada and the United States recognize each other’s insurance covers, in Mexico you have to purchase a Mexican auto insurance policy, regardless of the validity of your domestic auto insurance. But what is the coverage situation when it comes to personal property loss or damage? This guide will analyze the different types of auto insurance options in Mexico regarding personal property coverage.

Types of Mexico Auto Insurance

You have two options when purchasing Mexican auto insurance: liability insurance and comprehensive insurance coverage. Liability insurance is the bare minimum that is required for all vehicles by Mexican law. This insurance only covers the repair costs and/or medical expenses of pedestrians or motorists that you may be involved in an accident with. It does not cover repair costs to your car or vehicle theft.

Complete coverage offers the same coverage given by a liability auto insurance cover in addition to covering damages sustained by your car as well as vehicle theft.

What immediately stands out from the coverage analysis if both types of insurance are that they do not cover the loss of personal property. For example, if your vehicle’s window breaks and your camera stolen, comprehensive coverage will replace the window but not the camera. This is not something that is unique to the Mexican auto insurance industry; it is standard practice all over the world.

Which insurance covers lost/damaged personal property while traveling?

If you have homeowners or renters insurance back home, then you might be able to make a successful claim on the lost or damaged personal property while traveling in Mexico. The damages and losses can appraise and we recommend keeping those appraisal documents.


Be sure to check the terms of your home/rental insurance to see the scope of coverage. Consequently, take a picture of the personal effects that you will be traveling with, this can help the claim process.

If your home insurance does not cover the personal property that you will be traveling with, ensure that you get additional travelers insurance before embarking on your trip. Apart from covering the loss or damage to your personal property and luggage, most travel insurance policies will also cover medical emergencies during your trip.

Keeping your personal property safe when traveling

Even with insurance coverage, you still want to keep your property safe while traveling. You can replace your phone, camera or laptop. But you will still lose important pictures or documents. The following tips will go a long way towards ensuring the safety of your personal property when abroad:

  • Avoid leaving valuable items (cameras, laptops, tablets and such) in plain view while in the vehicle
  • If your hotel has a safe, make use of it
  • Park in a secure and well-lit area
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all time when in unfamiliar locations

The Takeaway

Always cover your luggage and personal belongings before traveling out of the country. If your homeowners/renter’s insurance does not offer sufficient coverage, travelers insurance is a must.  You can purchase Mexican Home Insurance by clicking here.

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