Mexican Insurance Claims and Support

You must report your Mexican insurance claim in Mexico, prior to leaving Mexico! Failure to do so can result in claim denial

Chubb Insurance Claim for Accident or Theft

Mexican Insurance Claims
Call Chubb Claims Hotline Immediately if your vehicle is damaged or stolen in Mexico
  • Toll-free within Mexico: 01-800-801-0117
    Direct in Mexico: 01-818-864-9322, or 818-864-9322
  • From the US or Canada Telphone with US Dialing: 011-52-818-864-9322

Chubb Roadside Assistance Claim

Mexican Insurance Roadside Assistance

Direct in Mexico: 01-554-195-5348 (Direct line in Mexico) if you have Mexico dialing it may be simply “554-195-5348

Pre Trip TIPS to ensure a successful Mexican insurance claim:

  • Make sure you check with your cell phone carrier and you know how to dial Mexican numbers from within Mexico
  • Dial “0” listed with the Mexican toll-free numbers. If you dial correctly someone will answer
  • Get and keep copies of the police and adjuster’s reports
  • Claims status may be obtained once back in the U.S. by dialing the U.S. toll-free number above.

Filing a claim in Mexico can be stressful. Usually when you arrive at the point of filing a claim something bad already took place. Our goal is to provide an experience for you that helps take away the anxiety involved when this happens. Call a claim to the Chubb Hotline and someone will be there quickly to assess the damage and get you back on your way.

Tips for Successful Claims Handling:

  • Never make any arrangements with 3rd parties. Let the insurance company make all the deals and arrangements
  • If you can’t understand the police, wait for the insurance company to arrive so they can communicate for you. Politely ask the police to wait for your insurance company/Abogado.