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What To Do if you Have an Accident in Mexico

What To Do if you Have an Accident in Mexico

Getting into any type of accident has its challenges, but getting into an accident in Mexico can be a nightmare. That’s why it’s so important to have reliable Mexican auto insurance when driving in Mexico. Although Mexico features similar roadway conditions to the U.S., most drivers who venture onto Mexico’s highways are largely unfamiliar with driving conditions there. For instance, it’s more common for animals to roam onto Mexico’s roads and some signage that could be unfamiliar to American drivers. If you are involved in a collision for whatever reason when you’re traveling across the border, the following tips can help you.

Keep Your Important Documents Handy 

When you drive in Mexico, you should always have your essential travel documents with you like your driver’s license, Mexico tourist card (FMM), driving permit (if you have one), passport and applicable visas, and your Mexican car insurance–especially the claims number. If you are involved in a car accident, you may need these important documents so be sure to keep them safe at all times.

Car Accident: Safety First 

The first thing you must assess if you’re involved in a car accident is safety. Do you or any of your passengers need emergency medical assistance? Be sure exiting the vehicle, be sure that everyone is safe or call for immediate help. If anyone is hurt, you should use your cell phone to call for help.

Accident in Mexico – Step 1: Call the Insurance Claim Hotline

Next, call your Mexican auto insurance company to report what’s happened. They will usually send out a claims adjuster right away. They can also contact a local towing company if you need to have your vehicle serviced. Your insurance company may contact Mexican emergency services for you if needed.

Mexican Authorities 

If Mexican authorities arrive at the scene of the accident, they may decide to arrest both drivers involved in the collision or just one depending on whether or not they assess the situation to warrant it. Arrest after a collision is not uncommon, however, so don’t panic if you are placed under arrest. Usually, Mexican police will take this measure while they attempt to assess and manage the situation. If you are arrested, you can request to be put in touch with the American consulate. You can also ask the State Department to help you locate an attorney who speaks English.

Remember, your Mexico auto insurance carrier can also supply you with assistance if you are involved in a collision. Be that you take your time to select the ideal coverage for your needs. You can opt for a full-coverage policy that includes roadside assistance. Just be sure that you do have a valid Mexican car insurance policy when driving anywhere in Mexico.