Baja Road Trip

Baja Road Trip: What Kind of Insurance Do I Need? 

If you’re getting ready to drive down to the Baja Peninsula for a fun getaway, you’ll need to take care of some preliminaries first. You might think that your comprehensive insurance policy will cover you during your Mexican road trip, but Mexico does not recognize U.S.-based insurance policies. Before you load your vehicle with your surfboards, swimwear, and assorted luggage, you’ll want to go online and apply for your Mexico car insurance. It’s easy and convenient to get Mexican auto insurance before driving down to Mexico.

Baja Road Trip: Collision 

From minor fender benders to serious collisions, car accidents happen–and usually when you least expect them. If you’re driving in Mexico without Mexican car insurance, you can be taken to jail. Mexican authorities will require you to have Mexican car insurance or demonstrable proof that you can pay for the repairs–even if the sum is thousands upon thousands of dollars. When procuring your Mexico car insurance, you’ll need a policy that includes collision protection. This policy protects you whether the accident is your fault or the other driver’s.

3rd Party Liability 

Having liability insurance means you do so much damage to another vehicle without being personally liable for it. However, if the damage amount exceeds your coverage, you’ll be personally liable for the difference. Our firm offers $1,000,000 USD for liability with a minimum of $150,000 USD. The more liability coverage you have, the more protected you’ll be from having to pay out of pocket.


No one expects their vehicle to disappear, but car thefts happen in both the U.S. and Mexico. If your car disappears, you’ll be grateful to have total theft protection. This type of coverage will provide you or your car finance company with compensation for your vehicle. Talk to us about adding total theft to your policy.

Roadside Assistance 

Not all policies come with roadside assistance, but by adding this to your policy, you’ll have peace of mind should your car break down. The Baja Peninsula contains long stretches of open road. You don’t have to worry if you’re stranded on one of them when you have roadside assistance protection.

Medical Payments 

Finally, it’s important to include medical payments in your Mexican insurance policy. All of our policies come with medical insurance coverage for you and the passengers in your vehicle. Talk to us about medical coverage and we can help you determine the right amount of coverage to include for your policy.

Once you apply with us for Mexico car insurance, you can then focus on your Baja road trip. If you have any other questions about Mexican car insurance, be sure to get in touch. We’re here to help you select the ideal policy for you.

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